To schedule a visit, please complete this form: WIS Admissions Visit Request Form

Step 1 – Initial Visit
We highly encourage a visit to our school campus to see if our environment is a good fit for the student. Our Admissions Office will provide an overview of our academics and school life.

Step 2 - Admission Test

  • K3-Grade 2
    • MAP Growth - Reading & Math
    • Reading Fluency
  • Grades 3 and above
    • MAP Growth Screening - Reading, Math, Language Usage, and Science
    • Reading Fluency
    • Writing
Based on the admission test results, a student may be required to be enrolled in an English Language Learner (ELL) class and/or remedial classes after school. Admission test results are valid for three months.

Step 3 – Completion of Application Form & Payment
Submission of application documents and payment must be completed for admission acceptance. Once completed, parents will be handed a guidebook for a better understanding of our school procedures and policies.