Faith at WIS

The goal of Chapel at WIS is to create an atmosphere of genuine worship. It is a time where students come to learn and discuss with their peers not only profound spiritual questions but also the implications that come along with them.
Chapel teachings lay a basic foundation of the character of God, the nature of man, and the need for Jesus.
It is our hope that as the students grow in their understanding of God, that they will grow to love God and His creations.

Chapel takes place once a week from Kindergarten.

Bible Studies
The purpose of Bible Studies class is for students to understand the bigger gospel narrative that runs throughout the Bible. Our classes are embarking on a journey to discover who Jesus is and why that matters to us.
During each class, we read and discuss stories from the Bible. We also spend time wrestling with apologetic group questions.
It is our goal that through the Bible Studies class, students would see their needs for Jesus in their lives and grow in character qualities that reflect the mission statement of Wesley International School.

Bible Studies class takes place once a week from Grade 1.