Lifelong Readers Program

WIS strongly believes that reading improves critical thinking and social-emotional skills.
We work together with parents to make reading a daily habit for our students and develop lifelong readers.

"We saw Kongkwan’s reading skills improve since we started Lifelong Readers Program. She can now read for a longer time and comprehends what she is reading. She gets excited when we get her a new book and would start reading immediately. We recommend other WIS parents to take part in this program, and we hope to see more programs like this.”
G1 Kongkwan’s Parents
"Lifelong Readers Program is very useful for kids to cultivate imagination. Moreover, this program encourages kids to improve reading and writing skills.”
G3 Hermes’s Parents
"We are very pleased with Tina's development while participating in Lifelong Readers Program. She found the joy of reading and telling stories."
K3 Tina’s Parents